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Broker Reciprocity: IDX and RETS

Broker Reciprocity is a system in which participating brokers give each other permission to display their listings on each other's public web sites. While participation is presumed, a broker may elect not to participate. Listings of brokers that opt out of the program are excluded from display on other broker's websites and brokers who have opted out may not display properties listed by other brokers on their websites.

The participating broker (or Participant) is the primary principal broker within an office that participates in the MLS. There is only one Participant per office. Subscribers are all licensed agents affiliated with the Participant who are allowed access to the MLS. 

SOMLS offers two methods for participating brokers to access the IDX database:

1. The Real Estate Transaction Standard ("RETS") server where the IDX database can be retrieved. Access to the RETS server requires approval by SOMLS and the completion of the IDX Database Access Agreement.

2. Participating brokers may also access the IDX Database by framing a SOMLS authorized IDX website. Any broker intending to use any other method for downloading or updating the IDX database must obtain prior written approval of the proposed method from SOMLS.

For Subscribers, the only methods of accessing the IDX database is by linking or framing the Participant IDX website, using the IDX "Smart Frame" feature of the MLS, or using one of the pre-authorized SOMLS IDX vendors.

Data Feed Application Process

The Participant will contact SOMLS for the appropriate agreements and instructions. Documents received without prior Participant contact will not be processed.

Complete and sign the IDX Database Access Agreement, Exhibit A, and the "Intended Use" attachment to Exhibit A. Return these documents to SOMLS with a non-refundable application/set-up fee of $250. If the proposed use is other than IDX or a back-office application, Board of Directors approval will be required.

Once SOMLS approves the application for database access, we'll provide access credentials. If you are using a third-party vendor, we will require you and your vendor to complete Exhibit C before we provide access. The monthly fee for the data feed is $30.

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