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REd in the Rogue Catalog

We are Education

At RVAR, we take your education seriously. We focus on stuff you need to know, and create a year-long buffet of offerings presented in a format that allows you choices. You can focus on a particular industry track, or sample from several tracks. Either way, you've got a year's worth of classes to choose from.

REd in the Rogue is RVAR's branded education program. REd makes it easy to earn the credits you need to renew…earn a designation… broaden your knowledge base…hone your skills.

  • For members, most of your education is included in your dues. That includes the two required classes - LARRC and Code of Ethics. Non-members pay a nominal fee to participate. Classes offered in partnership with OAR and EA have additional charges/fees.
  • At RVAR/REd in the Rogue, you can earn multiple designations/certifications in a single year without incurring travel/lodging costs.

Overview of Tracks

REd Tracks are designed to serve a lot of needs. You can focus on a single Track to really strengthen your expertise in a particular industry niche. You can select classes across Tracks to create a "specialty" niche that differentiates you and positions you as an expert on that issue. Or you can view the Tracks as an a la carte menu, and sample them all. 

Pricing Schedule

For RVAR agent members, most classes are included in the annual dues, including the LARRC and Code of Ethics. For non-RVAR agents, there is a nominal registration fee.

The GRI Track leads to a national designation, and so there are registration fees. 6-hour classes are $99 and 3-hour classes are $49. Some Earth Advantage classes have a registration fee which is usually nominal. Others do not have a registration fee. This applies to both agents and appraisers. The pricing schedule for appraiser classes slides from no-charge to $160 for the year-end USPAP class.

To Register

For classes offered solely by RVAR, both members and non-members can register via the online course calendar. For classes offered in partnership with OAR or Earth Advantage, you must register at their sites, either, or For more information, or to arrange payment by check, contact Susan at 541-414-1504 or 

REd Tracks (Click for Class Schedules):

General Ed Track

Green Track

GRI Track

Appraiser Track

Commercial Track

Earth Track